Who we are

《 此刻MomentLand簡介 》


《 Introduction 》

MomentLand, set up in 2012, is at present the most competitive creative crew in the industry. Our professional brand-building and brand architecture designs are critically acclaimed. We work closely with chain restaurants, small and medium enterprises, industrial and commercial services, and micro-enterprises to help them identify their business niche and build a viable, unique brandscape; our clients have been our greatest partners in our journey to establish professional, memorable and quality brand experiences. Our tried-and-true brand implementation has successfully inspired many clients to find their unique voice in the industry.

MomentLand boasts many years of professional work experience with chain restaurants, and has launched extremely successful campaigns for business projects, planning, integration and brand implementation.We at MomentLand understand what it takes to pinpoint market trending, and we provide custom solutions based on the character traits of our clients' business structures, preferred brand designs, and core capabilities to create robust marketing packages that is unique, profitable and unforgettable.